Projects using Ruma

This page should list most of the projects that are using Ruma. We're happy to add yours if you tell us about it on this issue.

Note: The site that was previously at this URL, containing an overview of the libraries that make up Ruma, is available here.


matrix-rust-sdk (or just matrix-sdk on is a high-level client library on top of the Ruma libraries. There are a few client applications built with it:

Additionally, some bots are also being built with it:


Conduit is a homeserver implementation built with Ruma. It implements most parts of the client-server API, and also has partial support for federation*. It tries to be easy to install, fast and robust.

* as of 2021-11-20


These are smaller projects depending on Ruma instead of matrix-rust-sdk for various reasons:


These projects are incomplete and not actively being worked on: