Ruma gets in on Google Summer of Code

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Thanks to GSoC and the continued help of Jonas Platte, Ruma's GSoC mentor, there is a new contributor... me! My name is Devin Ragotzy, a University student from Michigan. I was chosen to help contribute to the macro code of ruma-events and ruma-api.

Ruma Community Bonding

Before the official coding period began on June 1st, a large breaking change started taking shape for the upcoming release of ruma-events 0.22.0. Jonas, I, and others have been hard at work, replacing the previous event declaration macro with a set of derive macros and generic event types, as well as getting rid of the boilerplate required for event enums (the types currently found under ruma_events::collections). The new types will be able to express JSON events from a Matrix server with more accuracy.

Planned work for ruma-api

Once the macros in ruma-events are implemented, I will switch gears to work on ruma-api.