GSoC 2021: Tooling Final Summary

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What a fun summer! I was hoping I would become more a part of the Rust community this year, and I think I have. I learned how to open an MCP (Major Change Proposal), which is a process that language and implementation changes not big enough for an RFC go through. I am involved in an effort to create a new plugin lint system similar to Clippy. I made a few more contributions to Clippy, fixing old lints and adding a new one. I am happy to become more involved in Ruma and Rust and plan to finish all my works in progress.

Since I am working with more people than just my mentor, making progress seems to take longer. I am glad for the experience working with multiple people, learning how to follow directions from multiple people. You have to be able to write code in the "voice" of someone else or at least meet them halfway. I know that this is an invaluable skill that will serve me well in my career. Thank you to @jplatte and @iinuwa for all the help and encouragement!

Starting on Automation

Second Half

Progress on Automated Checks for Ruma

I think the work on the linter will be extremely valuable if we can get it working. The ability to write crate-specific lints will be a huge help to library writers and users. I can imagine many such lints for a complex library like Ruma. I am excited to be involved!