This Week in Ruma

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From the editor

In addition to the changes to ruma enumerated below, there was some great progress on the future user-facing documentation for Ruma. My partner, who works as a technical writer, helped me brainstorm and outline what information people would need to understand Matrix and Ruma, how to get a copy of Ruma, configure it, and deploy it. As always, needing to explain something simply to someone else forces you to understand it at a deeper level yourself. I think the project is going to benefit greatly from some longer form explanations of of the what, why, and how of Matrix that aren't targeted at technical people.

Notable changes to ruma

Matrix at large

This week there was a story posted to Hacker News about how Google failed to recognize the value of Gchat, which resulted in the usual discussion of chat services that exist today. I left a comment encouraging people to look at Matrix, and it generated a good amount of discussion and publicity for the project. Be sure to read the thread!