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Recently, types from the ruma-identifiers crate were integrated into ruma-events and ruma, so that values representing a Matrix ID can guarantee some important invariants. Previously these values were just strings. There was still a source of confusion and errors in that the ID types had to be converted to and from strings for the structs that represent database records using the Diesel ORM. To fix this, I added the necessary implementations to ruma-identifiers (under the "diesel" feature) so that the ID types can serve directly as the database columns' data types. Of course, these are still stored as text in the database, but the conversion happens only during data serialization and deserialization, and so cannot be broken by application logic. This was a pretty hairy change and it took a while to get it all working and to get the test suite updated and passing. Big thanks to Sean Griffin (author of Diesel) for helping me figure out how to achieve this.

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