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On Friday, I live streamed myself working on Ruma for the first time. I tweeted about it from my personal account and mentioned it in, but otherwise didn't publicize it. A few people watched and helped work out the kinks with audio and video quality. (Thank you to those who watched!) I walked through the API endpoint for creating message events, explaining more or less line by line how the code works, then worked on implementing the API endpoint for creating state events. The people who watched gave me good feedback, and I had a good time doing it, so I think I'll start to stream some of my Ruma development regularly. It will be at 1:00 PM Pacific Time on my Twitch channel. I will start tweeting about it from Ruma's Twitter account to remind everyone. I'd love to get some questions during the stream, so if you're interested in learning about Matrix, Rust, or both, please come watch and tell me what you want to know!

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