This Week in Ruma

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Ruma had some major progress this week. We're getting ever closer to the first alpha release. Ruma's fantastic community contributed implementations for several new API endpoints, with more on the way.

On Friday I did my second live stream of Ruma development. If you missed it, you can watch the recording. In it, I work on a new crate, ruma-client-api, the purpose of which is to separate the request and response data types for each API endpoint from the homeserver so that the same types can be used by client code. The general structure of the API has changed since the Friday screencast, and is coming together very nicely now.

And finally, a milestone was reached with ruma-events by converting the Event, RoomEvent, and StateEvent types from structs to traits, greatly simplifying the overall API, and paving the way for better generic treatment of the different event kinds in the Ruma homeserver. Initially I thought it would require language support for fields in traits, but I managed to get almost the same effect with macros. At least ergonomic enough that I'm comfortable stabilizing the current API without fields in traits, at least once I verify that it works well in the homeserver code.

Notable changes to ruma

Notable changes to ruma-client-api

Notable changes to ruma-events