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From the editor

This week I want to take a moment to talk about something personal. My best friend, Tamara Boyens, passed away last Friday, January 6, after more than a year of suffering from a spine injury and various related issues. It's been incredibly heartbreaking for everyone who loved her. She was a friendly, lively person, and was genuinely interested in any topic you would talk to her about. She and I talked online a lot—many hours every day, year after year. This was especially true after we both moved away from the city where we met. Because chatting online was the way we talked the most, we were always looking for a better chat system than what was available to us, and this was a large part of my initial motivation to get involved with Matrix and build Ruma. I have dedicated Ruma to her memory. I hope, once it reaches production quality, that it will help many people to strengthen their relationships and get the use out of it that Tamara and I no longer can.

And now, on with the project updates.

Notable changes to ruma

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Notable changes to ruma-api

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Call for participation

Interested in getting involved with Ruma? Here are some good places to start:


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There are also plenty of API endpoints that still need to be implemented. Check the status document for a list.