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From the editor

With the recent death of my friend Tamara, and moving to a new home, I haven't been able to give Ruma the attention I would've liked in the last few weeks. The rest of the Ruma community is still helping to push things forward, and I thank them sincerely for that. In particular, I have shared commit access to the master branch of most Ruma repositories with top contributors mujx and farodin91, both in recognition of their continued contributions to the project, the trust I have in them now, and my desire to grow the community and not be a blocker for progress on the project when I'm unavailable. Congratulations and thank you to both of them!

We've had a lot of discussion over a major overhaul to the design of ruma-api. The discussion began when Simon Goller proposed some code for the first significant endpoint in ruma-client. It then continued in the Ruma room on Matrix, a reddit post, and a series of issues and pull requests against ruma-api:

Right now we are leaning towards that last one being the one we choose, but we still want to try implementing some of ruma-client-api and ruma-client against it to see how well it works. Feedback and participation in the discussion is most welcome!

Notable changes to ruma

Notable changes to ruma-events

Notable changes to ruma-identifiers

New contributors

Call for participation

Interested in getting involved with Ruma? Here are some good places to start:

Previously featured and still available:

There are also plenty of API endpoints that still need to be implemented. Check the status document for a list.