This Week in Ruma

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From the editor

It's been more than a year since the last This Week in Ruma. The project has been mostly on hiatus while waiting for revisions to the Matrix spec and maturity of the Rust ecosystem. Ruma is not dead, however, and small improvements have continued over the last year. The Matrix spec has advanced quite a bit and many of the blocking issues for Ruma have been resolved. Rust's maturity is another story. async/await is still under development and this is the most significant blocking issue to progress on Ruma. For a longer analysis of why we're waiting, this reddit comment puts it very well.

The main announcement to make at this point is that there is now a release of ruma-client, the high-level client library most developers will use to build Matrix-enabled software.

Thank you to all the new contributors since the last This Week in Ruma, and for everyone who has continued to show interest in the project despite the lull in development.

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