This Week in Ruma

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From the editor

In the last update, I mentioned that the ongoing ruma-events revamp was impeded by an issue with types from ring which don't implement Clone and PartialEq. It turns out that there is a reasonable explanation for this, and so it was decided to work around it. I restructured the ruma-signatures types in question so that they don't contain ring types, but simply construct them and use them as-needed in the relevant methods.

While I was working on ruma-signatures, I decided to fill in the missing functionality—signing and verifying events. In the process of doing that, I ended up with a significantly revised API for the crate, which has now been released as version 0.5.0. In a somewhat amusing development, the new ruma-signatures API doesn't include the Signatures and SignatureSet types that were causing the issue in ruma-events in the first place. As a result, ruma-events is not only unblocked, but doesn't have depend on ruma-signatures at all.

I made a little bit more progress on ruma-events. There is only one module remaining to be updated to the new API, so we're on the home stretch for a new ruma-events release.