This Week in Ruma

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From the editor

I did another live stream of Ruma development on my Twitch channel this past week. If you missed it, you can watch the recording on YouTube. In the stream, I worked on another revision to the ruma-events API in which a special result type was introduced to handle deserialization/validation errors. Jonas quickly discovered, upon trying to update ruma-client-api to ruma-events 0.10, that the new deserialization API didn't quite work and that further changes were needed. I updated all the manually events to the new new API, but the events generated by ruma-events-macros still need to be updated. I will do that on the next stream in the coming week.

A couple weeks ago I recorded an interview with the Rustacean Station podcast, and today the episode was released. You can find it here: Ruma and the Matrix Communication Protocol: An Interview with Jimmy Cuadra. A huge thanks to Ben Striegel and Jon Gjengset for starting the podcast, and to Ben and Abdou Seck for taking the time to record this episode with me. It was a good time, and I hope it gets some new people interested in Matrix and/or Ruma.